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Tratamientos de odontología preventiva - Conservar los dientes naturales

Preventive dentistry is the specialty that is responsible for diagnosing, preventing and treating the basic problems that affect our dental health.

At Brånemark Las Palmas we carry out diagnoses to prevent the onset of diseases, prophylaxis (dental cleanings) and we provide guides for the patient to learn to maintain an effective oral health routine.

Professional dental cleaning to remove bacterial plaque

Our mouth is constantly exposed to the action of millions of bacteria, so it is very important to brush our teeth twice a day. When dental hygiene is poor, bacteria manage to accumulate and form what we know as dental plaque.


Dental cleaning or prophylaxis is one of the most common treatments in dentistry. By means of prophylaxis, the bacterial plaque and the accumulated tartar on the teeth are eliminated. In this way, teeth and gums may heal, strengthen the enamel, remove stains and prevent the onset of gingivitis.


In our dental clinic in Las Palmas we use the GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY procedure for dental prophylaxis, a systematized, predictable and minimally invasive treatment to remove bacterial plaque adhered to the internal and external part of the teeth. In addition, it can restore a natural appearance.

Guided Biofilm Therapy
Hábitos de higiene dental

Good oral hygiene habits to protect your dental health

Another task carried out by the dentist is to make patients aware of the importance of having a good oral hygiene routine. Some of the actions that you can take to improve your oral health are:

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