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Thanks to orthodontic treatments it is possible to correct dental malpositions and move the teeth until they reach the proper position.
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Orthodontic treatments, far from having only aesthetic purposes, are used to correct misalignments in the bite, spaces between teeth, deviation from the midline or dental crowding among other oral problems.An early diagnosis at the appropriate age can help prevent major problems further down the line, such as complications derived from poor dental hygiene or jaw pain that may affect the proper functioning of the temporomandibular joint.

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Invisible orthodontics

Today, it is the orthodontic treatment that our adult patients demand the most. Its main advantages, compared to orthodontics with braces, are its comfort and discretion.

Throughout the treatment, the patient must wear transparent removable aligners that are in charge of carrying out the movements on the teeth. Both for eating and for daily oral cleaning, these splints can be removed, which greatly facilitates the entire treatment process.

Aligners are fabricated using 3D software. The use of this technology in an orthodontic treatment allows us to teach the patient through a digital simulation how their teeth will look before starting the treatment.

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Brackets estéticos tratamiento seguro y eficaz

Aesthetic brackets

Cosmetic braces are one of the most widely used orthodontic components in recent years. The material with which they are made makes them very discreet, since they can blend in with the original color of the tooth.

Without a doubt, this is their great advantage since, thanks to the transparent material of the braces, they can go unnoticed by others. Treatment with cosmetic brackets is very similar to that of metal brackets, with the only exception that they are more fragile than and are more likely to break during treatment if the orthodontist’s recommendations are not followed.

Metallics brackets

They are the classic orthodontic option and the most economical. It is the recommended option for children.. This type of braces can solve most problems related to occlusion, crowding or dental malformation.

Their main advantage is the durability and resistance of the material with which they are manufactured.

Brackets metálicos Branemark Las Palmas