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Dental aesthetic treatments help us improve the appearance and appearance of the smile and teeth through minimally invasive and painless procedures.

Dental aesthetics is responsible for correcting tooth imperfections, such as discoloration of teeth due to the passage of time, so that you can wear a smile that shows the best version of yourself.

Blanqueamiento dental en Las Palmas para dientes amarillos

Dental whitening in Las Palmas

Whitening is one of the most demanded treatments in our dental clinic. More and more people want to have a bright white smile, but without losing their natural appearance.

By means of teeth whitening, various shades can be lightened. To achieve this, we use a gel containing bleaching agents and a cold LED lamp to speed up the process and enhance the effects.

However, it is necessary to remember that a white smile is not synonymous with a healthy smile. Teeth whitening and any other aesthetic treatments must be complemented with a good oral health routine.


We study each individual case

Blanqueamiento dental en Las Palmas

Dental veneers at Branemark

Dental veneers are very thin sheets that are placed on the outer surface of the teeth, like a glove for your teeth. They adhere to the enamel to hide imperfections such as fractures or blemishes that spoil the appearance of your smile.

Dental veneers are custom made based on the proportions of the patient’s face and the appearance of the rest of their teeth. They are an effective and natural solution to correct irregularities or teeth with worn enamel.

There are different types of dental veneers depending on the material with which they are made. They can be made of porcelain or ceramic (more resistant), Lumineers (ultra fine) or composite (acrylic material).

Dientes fracturados caso realDientes fracturados después

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Closing gaps in between teeth (diastems)

Although orthodontics is the branch that is responsible for correcting the malposition of teeth and problems with the bite, there are times when there are small problems that are only aesthetic and not functional and therefore, can be corrected through aesthetic treatments. This is the case of diastemas.

The diastemas are the gaps that exist between some teeth. This aesthetic problem usually occurs when the size of the arch (the set of teeth that make up the jaw) is greater than the space occupied by all the teeth, so that there ends up being a gap between them.

Dental diastemas tend to occur more frequently the upper incisors. The dentist will decide the best way to fix this gap, but it can usually be corrected by placing dental veneers, which will hide the gap and help improve the appearance of the smile.

Escaneado dental en 3D

Dental reconstruction in Las Palmas

Teeth may need reconstruction due to decay, fracture, excessive wear, etc. Various procedures are used in order to fix this, such as inlays, which can be made with acrylic or porcelain materials and are responsible for returning the affected tooth to its original appearance.

At the Brånemark Las Palmas Center we use CAD / CAM technology to plan and 3D print.