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Pediatric dentistry is responsible for the care and maintenance of the oral health of babies, children and adolescents.

Children are constantly growing and their tooth structure changes with their development. The pediatric dentist is the specialist in charge of taking care of the comprehensive dental health of children, as well as detecting possible anomalies.

Among the functions of a pediatric dentist, is to instill a good oral health routine on the little ones. At Brånemark Las Palmas we teach children how to brush their teeth in a fun and enjoyable way so that they acquire good oral health habits from a young age.

Tratamientos de odontopediatría en Centro Branemark Las Palmas
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Tratamientos de odontopediatría en Centro Branemark Las Palmas
Tratamientos de odontopediatría en Centro Branemark Las Palmas


Treatment for baby bottle tooth decay

The so-called bottle tooth decay is a type of tooth decay that affects both babies and young children who are breastfeeding. It is very common for very young children to develop cavities in their teeth caused by prolonged exposure to sugary drinks, such as milk.

Bacteria accumulated on the surface of your teeth begin a destructive process, demineralizing tooth enamel. Our pediatric dentists always recommend that parents clean the gums of babies with a gauze after their meal to remove any remains that may have accumulated.

In addition, it is important to prevent them from falling asleep with the bottle in their mouth, so as not to expose the teeth and gums to these sugary liquids for too long.

Tratamientos de odontopediatría
Traumatismos y fracturas dentales

Dental trauma and fractures

It is very common that in our Brånemark center we treat children who have fractured some of their teeth, either caused by a fall or a blow. In these cases, what the pediatric dentist must take into account to find the best solution is the type of tooth that has been broken: milk or permanent.

In any case, the proper treatment for dental trauma and fractures involves the reinsertion of the tooth or performing a dental restoration.

Children’s orthodontics

In our dental clinic in Las Palmas we recommend that the children’s first visit with the orthodontist is to be carried out at the age of 6. It is at this age when the first oral problems and bite alterations can be diagnosed, allowing us to resolve them in time, preventing more serious complications in adulthood.

At these appointments with the pediatric dentist, the specialist may decide to refer the child to the orthodontist to begin interceptive orthodontic treatment if necessary.

Tratamientos de odontopediatría
Tratamientos de odontopediatría en Centro Branemark Las Palmas

Congenital disorders in children

The pediatric dentist is capable of diagnosing and treating any malformations that directly affect children’s teeth, such as: absence of the first dentition, delay in the appearance of permanent teeth or the presence of more or fewer teeth than normal.

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