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Oral surgery is the specialty of Dentistry that is responsible for diagnosing and treating diseases, defects and trauma to the teeth, jaws or gums, that require surgical intervention.

At our dental clinic in Las Palmas we treat all types of oral pathologies. The renowned experience of our team coupled with the use of state-of-the-art technology, makes diagnoses and treatments much more accurate and effective.

Microscopio para tratamientos de cirugía oral


Simple and complex extractions

There are certain occasions when the dentist determines that it is necessary to extract a tooth. Interventions where the tooth can be extracted without the need for incisions are called simple tooth extractions. Complex extractions are interventions where, due to their complexity, it is necessary to make an incision so that the tooth can be successfully extracted. It usually occurs when there is an impacted tooth, or there is a cyst or a tumor.

Extracciones dentales

Extraction of wisdom teeth

Cirugía oral en Branemark Las Palmas

It is one of the most common dental procedures. It is performed when wisdom teeth do not come out in the correct orientation or do not have enough space in the mouth to come out properly (impacted wisdom teeth).

Dental fenestration

Dental fenestration is a surgical technique that is carried out in situations where the teeth do not emerge fully in the patient’s mouth.

In these cases, the teeth stay embedded in the palate or move to other areas. Normally, it is a minor surgical treatment in which both the surgeon and the orthodontist intervene in a coordinated manner.

Preprosthetic surgery

At Brånemark Las Palmas, we perform surgical interventions prior to the placement of a dental prosthesis with the aim of preparing the jaw bones and gums before the prosthesis. In this way, we ensure that we achieve the best possible fit prior to placing the final prosthesis.

Dr. José Manuel Navarro - Centro Branemark Las Palmas
Extirpación quistes y tumores dental

Removal of cyst and tumors

As surprising as it may seem, the presence of dental cysts is much more common than we think. In most cases, they appear as a result of a poorly treated dental infection or one which was not detected on time.

Tumors may also appear inside the oral cavity and around the mouth. In all cases, an evaluation and diagnosis by a dentist is necessary, as well as a biopsy to know how advanced the lesion is and the type of cell.

Reconstructive surgery

These are surgical procedures that we carry out in patients who have had a tooth removed or lost and the alveolar bone has been reabsorbed. In these cases, it is necessary to perform procedures such as bone grafting so that, in the future, dental implants or prosthesis can be placed successfully and without any risk to the patient.

In our center we routinely use L-PRF fibrin, rich in leukocytes and platelets obtained from the patient’s own blood.

Periapical surgery

In these cases, our specialist performs an endodontic microsurgery intervention, which basically means removal of the nerve ending.

It is a necessary surgical technique in those cases in which the apical position of the tooth must be treated due to the existence of a cyst or granuloma in the root. By removing the nerve ending we are able to save the tooth.

Tratamientos de cirugía periapical en Centro Branemark Las Palmas
Cirugía frenillos infantil

Infant: frenulum surgery

The lip frenulum is the tissue that is responsible for joining and connecting the lip with the gum. There are certain occasions when an abnormal frenulum development causes speech impairment or dental malpositions.

Frenulum surgery is designed to correct this abnormal development so that it does not cause further problems in adulthood. It is a very simple intervention that is recommended during early childhood.