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Digital smile design (DSD) in Las Palmas

Sonrisa sana - Digital Smile Design

The Digital Smile Design or Digital Smile Design is a technique that analyzes the relationship between the patient’s facial features, gums, and lips to determine the ideal shape of their teeth and achieve maximum harmony with their face, all through a process of 100% digital planning.

We are the first center certified as a DSD clinic in the Canary Islands

The Digital Smile Design is computer software that allows the dentist to study, plan and digitally represent the final result of dental treatments prior to initiating them.

Normally, it is used in dental aesthetics and implantology treatments, where it seeks to achieve maximum harmony in the patient’s face after having modified the shape, color or size of the teeth.

In 2019, the Brånemark Las Palmas Center was the first center in the Canary Islands certified by Christian Coachman (creator of the DSD technique) as a DSD Clinic.

DSD Clinic - Centro Branemark Las Palmas

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Benefits of the Digital Design of the Smile

Most of the patients in our dental clinic want to know how they will look after having undergone certain dental treatments that change the appearance of their teeth and smile.

Thanks to the DSD protocol, we offer our patients an innovative system with which they can design their smile completely to their liking, knowing how they will look before starting the treatment.


The DSD increases the patient’s confidence, as they are able to see what their new smile will look like from the outset.


We are able to achieve more accurate results when using intraoral digital scanners and digital impressions.


It allows a fully coordinated treatment plan to be established if professionals from various dental specialties are involved.


It allows you to try several different smile designs until we find the one that best suits the patient’s face.

4 steps to Digital Smile Design for a smile for life


We take measurements from the patient’s mouth through an intraoral digital scanner, without uncomfortable impression pastes. In this way we can capture extremely precise images of the mouth, producing a 3D simulation of the mouth.


Once we have all the measurements of the teeth and the results we want to achieve, the impressions obtained are digitally processed to establish the most appropriate treatment plan. Using the software, we can show the patient what their new smile will look like.


Thanks to high precision printing technology, a prototype of the patient’s mouth is 3D printed as a simulation of what the new smile will look like.


This prototype printed in plastic is placed on your teeth and photos and videos are taken so that you can see how your mouth and smile would look if the treatment we propose is carried out.

If the patient decides to go ahead, the definitive treatment will be made in ceramic, precisely copying the simulation that the patient and professional have approved.

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