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Qué tipos de prótesis dentales existen

A dental prosthesis is an implant, bridge, crown, veneer or denture made to replace missing teeth or improve the appearance of damaged teeth. The main objective of the placement of a dental prosthesis, either on implants or on natural teeth, is to completely restore the functionality of the mouth, the ability to speak comfortably, and the aesthetics.

Thanks to the placement of a dental prosthesis, in the vast majority of cases, beyond the undeniable functional improvement, the patient will notice a big improvement to their quality of life and self-esteem, helping them smile once again.

Prótesis dentales - Coronas

Digital dentistry for the design and manufacture of dental prostheses

At our Brånemark Center in Las Palmas, we use CAD-CAM technology for dental prosthesis treatments. Thanks to this system, we can design and 3D print custom dental prostheses for our patients, using a 3D computerized system.

By using the Digital Smile Design software, we can study the patient’s facial features, based on the underlying structure. By doing this we are able to identify the most suitable prosthesis, taking into account their face’s shape, size and color. In this way, the patient can visualize what the final result will look like, even before starting treatment.

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Instalaciones de la Clínica Dental Brånemark Las Palmas

Prosthesis on implants

Dental prostheses on implants is a type of prosthetic restoration that is performed on patients who have teeth in very poor condition and therefore must be extracted. Alternatively, it may also be performed on those patients who have missing natural teeth.

First, an intervention is carried out to place the implants to which the prostheses will be fixed. These prostheses are created to best suit the shape, size and color of the patient’s natural teeth, allowing them to go unnoticed.

Tooth prosthesis

Dentures on teeth are artificial pieces that emulate the natural teeth that are absent, such as dental caps, crowns or bridges.

These prostheses must be supported on natural teeth that have to be prepared previously. This type of dental prosthesis requires better oral hygiene to avoid infections.

Experts in immediate implants in Las Palmas

Implantology has undergone a paradigm shift thanks to the revolutionary technique of immediate implant placements.

Thanks to this treatment, the surgeon may be able place the implant in the same session as the final crown is fixed.

In this way, the patient can regain the aesthetics and functionality of their mouth in a matter of hours. In some cases where the characteristics of the patient and the state of their mouth and bone allow it, it is also possible to carry out immediate loading, that is, to place the fixed provisional dental prosthesis on the implant in less than 24 hours.

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